Degustation 1

  • Zuppa Di Aragoste

    With Milk Foam and Cheese Crackers

  • Granchio Rease

    With black and white Spaghettini Aglio Olio

  • Truffled Risotto

    Truffled Italian Rice with mushrooms

  • Sorbeto Al Fruto Della Pasione

    With crispy Cajun Cheese

  • Foie Gras

    With Mango Salsa, Beetroot and Mesclun

  • Wagyu MB 9

    Finished with Mustard Seed, Gorgonzola and Japanese Sweet Potato

  • Dessert

    Tahitesis Vanilla Pod infused Creme Brulee with Calamata Olive Crumble



Degustation 2

  • Crema De Bosco

    Chunky Wild Mushroom Soup with Truffle

  • Tian Di Avocado E Manggo Momotaro Pomodoro

    Served with Pomegranate and finished off with Caviar and Chili Crab

  • Limone Sorbetto

    Served with Honey Peach Crumble

  • Pan Scotiato Barramundi Selvaggio

    Served with Baby Broccoli, Mesclun and Honey Lemon Vinaigrette

  • Foie Gras

    Pan seared Goose Liver on a slice of pineapple and drizzled with Vanilla Pod infused Honey

  • Black Angus Filleto

    Served with Gnocchi Formaggio with Truffle

  • Tiramisu

    Home Tiramisu with Balsamic Sorbet




  • Foie Gras

    Pan Seared Goose Liver on Baby Pineapple drizzled with Vanilla Pod infused Honey Butter and Finised with Tomato Salsa

  • Spaghettini Al Aragosta

    Tosed with Slipper Lobster, Garlic, Chili, Snow Peas and Olives

  • Black Angus Filleto

    Served with Sweet Potato and Pink Peppercorn Cream

  • Smoked Paprika Canadian Cod

    Finished with Vanilla Pod infused Lemon

  • Cassata

    Homemade Cassata


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